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LostAParent Community News


The month of August is going to be full of major changes. After a lot of thought over the past year, I have a well-developed project plan for the new LostAParent Community. The site has been in existence for almost 7 years and this coming year is going to be the best. Look for new functionality, new resources, and new ways to connect with people just like yourself. I will be posting more information in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions or ideas to share, please come in to the forums. We would love to hear them.


What Do You Want to See?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Improvements to the LostAParent Community are a long time coming. I have not been able to spend a whole lot of time on this site due to school and my transition into what my friends call "The Real World". Now that I am settled in, I have started to draw up some plans for where I would like to take the Community.

This Community is not about me, though. It's about you. What would you like to see on this site? The sky is the limit and no idea is a bad idea.

So click here and take a few minutes to share your ideas.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


We're Back!

Welcome back to the LostAParent Community. After a week or two of downtime, we're officially back on our brand new server, hosted by the excellent and highly recommended Dreamhost.

Unfortunately, we lost quite a bit of data in the transfer. I salvaged as much as I possibly could. I'll be doing work in the next few weeks to finally finish up this site's construction. Thank you all for being so patient so far.

As always, I encourage you to head over to the LostAParent Community Forums.